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Devine Beauty offer a range of body treatments including Aromatherapy massage and Spa Find Dead Sea Inch Wrap

Massage, Special Treatments and Inch Wrap

Body Massage Treatments

The stimulation of muscles through Swedish massage reduces stress and muscle fatigue, while improving circulation and promoting relaxation.


Back, Neck & Shoulder 30min - £38.00


Super Back Treatment 45min - £45.00

A facial for the back to help improve and clear problem skins.


Dead Sea Inch Wrap - £90.00

Combining a unique concentration of Dead Sea minerals and plant extracts, this Inch wrap effectively helps you lose inches and reduce cellulite by emulsifying fatty deposits, detoxifying the body, toning and refining the skin texture.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage 1hr - £55.00

This treatment includes Swedish, Pressure Point and Lymphatic Drainage Massage.  Excellent for stress, tension, fatigue, muscle fatigue, poor circulation, fluid retention, nervous tension, eczema, psoriasis and elimination of lactic acids in overworked muscles